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Should I stay or should I go?

Friday Bread Basket 12/22/23

The Wordloaf 2023 Book Stack

Monday Mix 12/18/23

Friday Bread Basket 12/15/23

Substackers Against Nazis

Some Work Elsewhere

The Cake Doctor calls the Bread Doctor

No Monday Mix Today

Friday Bread Basket 12/8/23

Rose Wilde's 'Bread and Roses'

Barley Miso Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Rye Black Bread

Monday Mix 12/4/23

Friday Bread Basket 12/1/23

Leftover Mashed Potato Sandwich Bread

Monday Mix 11/27/23

Friday Gift Basket

Two Wonderful New International Cookbooks

Recipe: Drożdżówki With Black Currant And Brown Butter Streusel

Recipe: Pork Floss Milk Bread

Monday Mix 11/20/23

Friday Bread Basket 11/17/23

Continuous Sourdough Starter Maintenance Without Friction (or Wasted Flour)

Monday Mix 11/13/23

Friday Bread Basket 11/10/23

The Wonder of Bread

Monday Mix 11/6/23

Friday Bread Basket 11/3/23

Recipe: Indian Butter Chickpeas

Recipe: Sourdough Discard Cheezy-Its

Monday Mix 10/30/23

Friday Bread Basket 10/27/23

Ethically grown local flour won’t absolve us from our moral dilemmas

Monday Mix 10/23/23

Friday Bread Basket 10/20/23

The Dishes Will Get Cleaned Up Eventually: Cottage Baking Beyond the Instagram Grid

Chef Steps 15% off

Monday Mix 10/16/23

Friday Bread Basket 10/13/23

The biggest secret that is not secret

Recipe: With-a-touch-of-soft-wheat sourdough

Monday Mix 10/9/23

Friday Bread Basket 10/6/23

Book Recommendation: 'Portico: Cooking and Feasting in Rome's Jewish Kitchen'

Recipe: Pizza Ebraica

Recipe: Burik con Patate

Monday Mix 10/2/23

Friday Bread Basket 9/29/23

Recipe: Sourdough Discard Granola 2.0

The Spell of Sourdough Baking

Monday Mix 9/25/23

Friday Bread Basket 9/22/23

Photobook Recommendation: Jason Fulford's 'The ❤️ is a Sandwich'

Monday Mix 9/18/23

Friday Bread Basket 9/15/23

Book Recommendation: Lerato Umah-Shaylor's 'Africana'

Recipe: Medfouna (Berber Buns)

Recipe: Smoky Tomato & Date Jam

Monday Mix 9/11/23

Friday Bread Basket 9/8/23

Back to School

Recipe: Peach-Blueberry Cakefoutis

August Recess Mini Announcement #2

Recipe: Nonnato (Vegetarian Tonnato) Sauce

Recipe: Cornzanella

August Recess Mini Announcement

Tinkering with Sourness

Recipe: Extra-Sour Sourdough

Monday Mix 7/24/23

A request

Friday Bread Basket 7/21/23

Home bakers: Rick Easton thinks you are nuts


Monday Mix 7/17/23

Friday Bread Basket 7/14/23


Monday Mix 7/10/23

Friday Bread Basket 7/7/23

Recipe: Beet and Hazelnut Burgers

Monday Mix 7/3/23

Friday Bread Basket 6/30/23

Recipe: Tahinov hats (Armenian tahini spirals), two ways

Friday Bread Basket 6/16/23

Yes Whey

Recipe: Yogurt whey méteil (50% rye) bread

Recipe: Cake Yazdi

Monday Mix 6/12/23

Upcoming online workshop: German & ballpark pretzels

Friday Bread Basket 6/9/23

Andrea Nguyen's 'Ever-Green Vietnamese'

Bánh Mì Hấp Nhân Chay (Steamed Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps)

Thịt Bằm Chay (Umami Tofu Crumbles) and Hành Phi (Fast-Fried Shallots)

Monday Mix 6/5/23

Friday Bread Basket 6/2/23

Announcing the 2023 Kneading Conference

Friday Bread Basket 5/26/23

Recipe: Mahlab-Toasted Almond No-Churn Ice Cream

All Mixed Up (Part 2)

Monday Mix 5/22/23

Friday Bread Basket 5/19/23

All Mixed Up (Part 1)

Monday Mix 5/15/23

Friday Bread Basket 5/12/23

Do this ONE thing to improve your sourdough starter 400% right now!

Guest Post: Baking Is Art

Monday Mix 5/8/23

Friday Bread Basket 5/5/23

Tamar Adler's 'The Everlasting Meal Cookbook'

Monday Mix 5/1/23

Friday Bread Basket 4/28/23

"Recipe": Brown rice water sourdough

Monday Mix 4/24/23

Friday Bread Basket 4/21/23

Giulia Scarpaleggia's 'Cucina Povera'

On Internal Temperatures in Bread Baking

Monday Mix 4/17/23

Friday Bread Basket 4/14/23

Recipe: Thousand-Layer Buttermilk Biscuits

A is for 'Anelli'

Monday Mix 4/10/23

Friday Bread Basket 4/7/23

Consider the Breadcrumb

Recipe: Parker House Swolls

Monday Mix 4/3/23

Friday Bread Basket 3/31/23

Starter starter kit, 2023 edition

Monday Mix 3/27/24

Friday Bread Basket 3/24/23

'Baking Bread with Kids,' by Jennifer Latham

An Interview with Jennifer Latham

Monday Mix 3/20/23

Friday Bread Basket 3/17/23

A Secret Man of Pi

Monday Mix 3/13/23

Friday Bread Basket 3/10/23

Ruby Tandoh's 'Cook as You Are'

Monday Mix 3/6/23

Friday Bread Basket 3/2/23

Lune: Croissants All Day, All Night

Croissants All Day, All Night

Monday Mix 2/27/23

Friday Bread Basket 2/24/23

The Way You Do the Things You Do

Monday Mix 2/20/23

Friday Bread Basket 2/17/23

The Dough Before the Dough

Monday Mix 2/13/23

Friday Bread Basket 2/10/23

The View From the Couch

Friday Bread Basket 2/3/23

(My) Detroit-Style Pizza Recipe

Monday Mix 1/30/23

Friday Pizza Box 1/27/23

For the Squares: Chicago Tavern-Style Pizza

Monday Mix 1/23/23

Friday Pizza Box 1/20/23

Recipes: L&B Spumoni Gardens-Galleria Umberto-Sfincione

The Campanians

Monday Mix 1/16/23

Friday Pizza Box 1/13/23

Notes for a Possible Pizza Maker's Pocket Companion

Monday Mix 1/9/23

Friday Pizza Box 1/6/23

🍕Welcome To Pie January 🍕

🍕The Wordloaf Mega Pizza Equipment, Ingredients, and Resources Guide🍕