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🍕Pie January🍕

Wordloaf Year-in-Review 2022

Gingerbread Cookies

Monday Mix 12/19/22

Friday Bread Basket 12/16/22

Irina Georgescu's 'Tava'

Recipe: Orange Gugelhupf with Cranberries

Monday Mix 12/12/22

Friday Bread Basket 12/9/22

What Makes a Challah a Challah?

Monday Mix 12/5/22

Wordloaf Holiday Bread Basket

Holiday Gift Guide Preview

Monday Mix 11/28/22

Book Excerpt: The Kingdom of Rye

Monday Mix 11/21/22

Friday Bread Basket 11/18/22

Recipe: Row 7 Seeds Koginut Squash Brioche Buns

Eight Lessons from My Panettone Saga

Monday Mix 11/14/22

Friday Bread Basket 11/11/22

Tim Anderson's 'JapanEasy Bowls & Bento'

Book Excerpt: Gooey Egg Curry Breads

Monday Mix 11/7/22

Friday Bread Basket 11/4/22

Recipe: Chopped Badger Flame Beet Salad with Herbs, Castelvetrano Olives, and Pistachios

Recipe: Shokupain de Mie

Recipe: Smoke Sheaths

Monday Mix 10/31/22

Friday Bread Basket 10/28/22

Recipe Update: Sourdough discard English muffin bread

Recipe: Millet Porridge Sourdough

Slight Change of Plans

Monday Mix 10/24/22

Friday Bread Basket 10/21/22

It’s Alive!

Monday Mix 10/17/22

Friday Bread Basket 10/14/22

Bits and Bobs

Friday Bread Basket 10/7/22

Culture and Relationships

Recipe: Cultured Butter

Recipe: Injera

Monday Mix 10/3/22

Friday Bread Basket 9/30/22

Size Matters

Monday Mix 9/26/22

Friday Bread Basket 9/23/22

When Instagram Can’t Help You with Troubleshooting

Recipe: Simple Peach (or Nectarine) Preserves

Monday Mix 9/19/22

Friday Bread Basket 9/16/22

It's Kown!

Recipe: Corn, Corn, Corn Sourdough

Monday Mix 9/12/22

Friday Bread Basket 9/9/22

Vegetarian (Chickpea) Pan Bagnat

Recipe: Pan Bagnat Bread

Friday Bread Basket 9/2/22

Book Excerpt: Flour Power

Trail Mix Bread Recipe

Yard Bread Recipe

Million-layer buttermilk biscuits recipe

In the Pocket

Book Excerpt: Good & Sweet

Recipe: Poppy Seed Jam Strudel

Recipe: Vegan Butter

Friday Bread Basket 7/22/22

What I did on my Summer Break

The Kneading Conference Giveaway Winner Is...

One more day to get in on...

Friday Bread Basket 7/15/22

Book Excerpt: Breadsong

Martian's Potato Bunz & Bread

Friday Bread Basket 7/7/22

Millstones & Milestones

Friday Bread Basket 7/1/22

The 2022 Kneading Conference

Monday Open Thread 6/27/29

Friday Bread Basket 6/24/22

Book excerpt: Helen Graves' "Live Fire"

Recipe: Blackened Leeks with Garlic Mayonnaise, Romesco and Charred Sourdough

Recipe: HG Mangal Bread and Dip

Recipe: Easy Barbecue Flatbreads

Monday Open Thread 6/20/22

Friday Bread Basket 6/17/22

Stephen Lanzalotta, the baker behind Slab pizza, dies at 63

Monday (N)open Thread 6/13/22

Friday Bread Basket 6/10/22

That Lone Wolf Bread Lyfe

Monday Open Thread 6/6/22

Friday Bread Basket 6/3/22

Bread and Roses

Empty Basket 5/27/22

Subscriber Test Recipe

Book Excerpt: Lukas Volger's "Snacks for Dinner"

High-Hydration Sourdough Focaccia

Recipe: Mixed Mushroom Pâté

Recipe: Lentils, Carrots + Dates With Dill

Monday Open Thread 5/23/22

Friday Bread Basket 5/20/22

Book excerpt: Emma Zimmerman's 'The Miller's Daughter'

Recipe: Cauliflower & Date White Sonora Berry Salad with Creamy Walnut and Caper Pesto

Recipe: Chocolate Polenta Pudding Cake

Monday Open Thread 5/16/22

Friday Bread Basket 5/13/22

Wheat or White?

Monday Open Thread 5/9/22

Friday Bread Basket 5/6/22

Triple-A Flour Power Hour

Monday Open Thread 5/2/22

Friday Bread Basket 4/29/22

Subscriber recipe: Hummus Your Way

Monday Open Thread 4/25/22

Friday Bread Basket 4/22/22

Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

Book excerpt: Reem Assil's 'Arabiyya'

Mana’eesh and Za'atar Recipes

Basic Yeasted and Sourdough Dough Recipes

Monday Open Thread 4/18/22

Friday Bread Basket 4/15/22

Baking isn't a solitary act

Monday Open Thread 4/11/22

Friday Bread Basket 4/8/22

Recipe: Sourdough Choreg (Armenian Easter Bread)

The Acid Test

Monday Open Thread 4/4/22

Friday Bread Basket 3/25/22

Plant-powered pan パン (vegan bread, briefly, and a recipe)

In pursuit of vegan 'milk bread'

Monday Open Thread 3/21/22

Friday Bread Basket 3/18/22

Book Excerpt: Cathy Barrow's 'Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish'

Q&A With Cathy Barrow

Monday Open Thread 3/14/22

Friday Bread Basket 3/11/22

Sourdough Granola Recipe

Friday Bread Basket 3/4/22

Bakers for Ukraine

Notes on Olia Hercules' poppyseed Easter bread recipe

Seven-Grain Sunflower Seed Porridge Bread

Sesame-Spelt Sourdough

Monday Open Thread 2/28/22

Friday Bread Basket 2/25/22

Introducing the 'Last Wednesday Mailbag'

Monday Open Thread 2/21/22

Friday Bread Basket 2/18/22

On Prefermented Flour

No Monday Open Thread today

Friday Bread Basket 2/11/22

How to Read a Bread Recipe

Monday Open Thread 2/7/22

Friday Bread Basket 2/4/22

Sourdough Dark Deli Rye

Sourdough Dark Deli Rye

Monday Open Thread 1/31/22

Friday Bread Basket 1/28/22

Tool Time

The Wordloaf Mega Bread Equipment & Ingredients Guide

Monday Open Thread 1/24/22

Friday Bread Basket 1/21/22

The Story of "The Story of the Staff of Life"

Monday Open Thread

Friday Bread Basket 1/14/22

Baker & Miller Summit

Monday Open Thread 1/10/22

Friday Bread Basket 1/7/22

Lean January

Monday Open Thread 1/3/22