Dec 9, 2020Liked by Andrew Janjigian

There you go reading my mind (or me reading yours?) again...just made your maple oat porridge #qbread last weekend, so I’ll be interested to see how it’s tweaked since the first shut down. (Sometimes I think it’s that subconscious memory that has us doing things in cycles and patterns without even realizing, like making this bread as covid numbers rise...). It’s a keeper and balm for the homebound.

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Dec 10, 2020Liked by Andrew Janjigian

this reminded me that I still need to try koji porridge bread!

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Jan 19Liked by Andrew Janjigian

tried your maple Porridge recipe but subbed an apple cinnamon breakfast oatmeal package loaded with dried apples and seeds from Costco on a whim, had to add some oats to make 65g but first go around was great the second using Quaker tasted good but when I took the cover off the clay baker after 20 minutes it had a gloss to the surface

Not sure what I did

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