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Andrew, I have a question about your croissant class, which I'm a bit on the fence about. Would you encourage people to just watch the live sessions or will it be possible to work along with you? Any idea on the timing of the eight classes over the three (consecutive?) days?

And for bread, I'm just about to stick a loaf of sourdough discard English muffin bread in the oven!

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No, it's not a bake-along, too complicated, and I've changed the recipe substantially, so it wouldn't be possible anyway.

Here's the sked:


​10AM: Poolish, ~30m

​3PM: Dough, ~30m


​10AM: Roll out dough/soften butter, ~30m

​11:30AM: Divide/roll/laminate round one (x2), ~45m

​1PM: First turn, second lamination (x2), ~45m

​3PM: Second turn (x2), ~45m


​10AM: Roll and shape croissants (1x) and cruffins (1x), proof, 1h

​4PM: Bake croissants & cruffins, Q&A, 1h

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Thanks Andrew. I'm in!

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Looking forward to the croissant class.

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I baked Japanese sweet potatoes.

Question about natural sourdough bread- baking: the inside of the bread is done, yet damp; the outside of the loaf is crusty, golden brown; baked for about 50 minutes at 400 convection-starting the oven at 500. What to do?

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Damp is fine! It will firm up as it cools. If the internal temp is above 185, it will be fine.

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