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Andrew, I've been forgetting to write this note; apologies for the delay. Your pocket companion arrived a week ago here in the Great White North of Ontario. It's so good to have so much handy information in one spot: for much of my baking career (home and semi-professionally) I have had a lot of this information on homemade "cheat sheets", post-it notes on the insides of kitchen cupboard doors, and/or random scraps of paper tucked in with formulae. I've already purged a lot of these scraps as your book covers them so well. You'll see another order from me for the second printing -- I know a couple of other bread nerds who would likewise appreciate it. Bravo zulu! - Bill Lundy, Chef boulanger, L'Auberge de France

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William - Thank you! So happy to hear that, it's just what I'd intended all along for it.

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