Andrew, thank you for the lovely shout-out. Who knew tea sandwiches could connect to a conversation about guns?

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Thank you for the shout-outs! I love the look on her face.

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18 minute’s isn’t as bad as you think and it is only 18 minutes during Passover. You can work on the skills early. The early matzohs were soft not hard. Hard matzoh came in the late 18th century for the Eastern European Jews. Here is a recipe for soft matzoh https://bakedbree.com/homemade-matzo.

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Hi Andrew.

Speaking of sandwiches, do you know Bounded by Buns? Jonathan Suratt posts both sandwich and roll/bun recipes.

I have a hydration question for you if you have time.



438 flour 150. 288

300 water. 150. 150

100 levian 100&. 25. 75

10 salt 10

I wound up with a super hydrated dough. Slapped and folded for 10 minutes to little avail. Where did I go astray?

Thanks much.


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