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I've recently started to use millet more frequently, even though it's been a steady presence on my grain shelf for years. It's easy to cook (20 minutes!) and tasty. Hidden in the article you shared is this link to The Millet Project in California, with recipes I'll be eager to try: https://themilletproject.org/recipes/ . I've only ever seen one kind (Bob's Red Mill), and never the flour. But I should be able to run the seeds through my Nutrigrain mill to create the flour. Thanks for sharing!

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Hello from San Francisco!! Rize Up is THE BEST. I have been buying his bread (just by ringing his door bell!) since he first started baking during shelter in place. He provides mail order. I've sent loaves to family in Texas and in New York and all have reported that it was seamless and delicious. They just do a quick blast in a hot oven to re-crisp the outside. It's a lot o spend on a loaf, but for a special occasion its a unique gift for a food lover, and his story is inspiring. (Fun Fact: a former Pro-Inline skater). https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/article/A-new-S-F-backyard-bakery-stuffs-hot-links-and-15651761.php

Enjoy the read!


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Gusto bread is truly nothing short of divine. I visited their bakery last year and have been dreaming of their nixtamal queen ever since.

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Really enjoyed today's Wordloaf. Looking forward to visiting these establishments in the future.

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