For years, I've shown my high school culinary class a video from Jaime Oliver's site that shows a young woman making a roast chicken salad. It's filled with intentional sanitation and safety errors and I have my students make a list as they find each.

This year, I decided to try and find the real recipe. It's Zuni's Roast Chicken & Bread Salad. We made it the week after watching the video in August. My students still talk about how delicious it was. I'm intrigued by the vegetarian version.

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Bahn Mi is so amazing with the right bread. I can't wait for you to hone your recipe. I have a great recipe for the meat and pickled veggies, but struggle to find a good bread. Sometimes I give up and make fresh spring rolls with the ingredients instead of fussing around for bread.

The bread salad and everything bagel tortillas make this email a keeper!

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